We will teach you how to learn!

Overloaded core curriculum
The number of tutors and activities
Lack of time and motivation
Quick reading
Maintaining concentration
Leadership competencies
Remembering any information
Arguing one's own opinion
Self-discipline and regularity
Space Memory is an innovative project created by a family that has been involved in education for years. It is a response to the observed challenges faced by Polish students and their parents - primarily a complete lack of desire to learn and an attempt to patch up educational gaps with tutoring.
We are a community of memory development!
The Space Memory community was created with a mission to overcome educational problems. It's a place where innovative approaches to the way we learn are taught in group classes with mentors (coaches).

The program combines long-known memory techniques with an educational and motivational platform that measures memory in numbers.

With exercises and practice, our children are able to use the techniques used in class under any conditions - they don't think twice about choosing a method and stop buying in by heart. And all the material and examples we use in class are based on the core curriculum.
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Classes are conducted for children aged 8-18
Online classes take place for 1.5 hours once a week in a group of 10 people, with additional daily exercises available on the platform
Your child, even after the course, is still creating his future
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Group classes
4 meetings per month of 90 minutes each
Tailored to your needs
From 5-10 people per group
Educational and motivational platform
Daily individual trainings on the platform
3 techniques: quick reading, quick memorization, leadership competencies